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Shout The New Swinging 60's Musical Review Claire Sweeney

Shout The

Shout the new swing 60's musical
CAST (in appearance order)
Betty - Shona White
Georgina - Donna Steele
Ruby - Claire SweeneyYvonne - Su Pollard
The Man - Howard Jones
Ensemble - Louisa Maxwell & Julie Stark

Claire Sweeney

Shout is easy to review because it is such a simple concept that works magnificently.
6 women and 1 man recreating the music from the 1960's and reflecting on their experiences and events from the period.
It is a colourful, lively, non-stop action, "feel good" musical.

The headline stars are well known TV personalities Su Pollard and Claire Sweeney but that's irrelevant when all of the cast deliver a faultless swinging musical extravaganza.

Su PollardI'd forgotten that Su Pollard once had a hit record with "Starting together". Do I now confess I have that 7" vinyl somewhere? Su is not only a wonderfully entertaining actress but she does have a magnificent singing voice. With her being remembered most for her long running appearances in Hi-De-Hi it has been easy to forget how great she can sing. She is also one of the most down to earth people in the public eye you are ever likely to have the priviledge to meet. Well known off-stage for her colouful outfits she did not disapppoint and took time to speak to fans after the show.

Donna Steele and Shona WhiteBut then again this is a very friendly cast all round.
Despite the fact this must have been an exhausting show every cast member gladly took the time to chat to us and to sign the programme including Claire Sweeney who had belted out the 60's hits so beautifully.

Sadly no photos on this occasion as I was having digital camera problems. We'll just have to endeavour to meet them all again sometime!

Howard Jones, Louisa Maxwell and Julie StarkThere are no less than 31 musical sequences in this flamboyant musical. With just a few of the hits including Downtown, Wishin' and Hoping, To Sir With Love, Big Spender, Alfie, Shout, You're My World, Little By Little, Those Were The Days and Lets Twist Again this really is a show which will keep any fan of 60's music grinning from beginning to end.

We'd gladly watch it again!
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