Sunday, 7 December 2008

Tree Of Light Illumination, Eastbourne, Sunday 7th December 2008

The Tree Of Light illumination, by the mayor of Eastbourne, took place on Sunday 7th December 2008 just outside the Congress Theatre.

Organized by the Rotary Clubs of Eastbourne with a Prayer of dedication by Rev. Christopher MacDonald and the singing of The First Noel accompanied by the Salvation Army band.

There was the opportunity for people to remember lost loved ones by tying a ribbon to the tree. After there was the chance to speak to a member of CRUSE breavement care charity.

The switching on was preceded by dedications from the rotary clubs, singing from the girls of Ratton Choir and a welcome from Rotarian, Melanie Adams. The major event sponsor was PJ Skips.

I would have posted a clip of the rather beautiful singing from Ratton Choir (which took place in the Congress foyer) but sadly the Rotary Club members decided to stand right in front of them blocking the view of many attendees, myself included.

It seems a shame that many of the crowd were denied a view of the choir, especially when there is a tall wide staircase right in front of them which had been roped off. A great staged viewing area occupied by 1 sole photographer. Perhaps next year this could be opened although I have a feeling somebody may utter those immortal words "health and safety" that will put an end to that idea.

A nice, well organized and appealing to all faiths (not overtly religious) programme. An opportunity to raise vital charity funds with tea, coffee and some very well filled mince pies thrown in and a moment to think about lost loved ones!

It was also nice that ,having now watched them in so many shows, we got the opportunity to meet Rattonian (and Rotarian) Melanie Adams, husband Mark and daughter Alicia. A great opportunity to thank them for the fine work they do. Well Mark and Alicia...... for a quickly taken snaphot this came out pretty well!

Mark and Alicia Adams

Well see the Adams family again next year and if local theatre goers have any desire to watch quality productions from a superbly talented cast they will pack both the Devonshire and Congress in 2009.

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