Wednesday, 4 March 2009

The Russian Ice Stars Cirque De Glace Review Congress Theatre, Eastbourne

Wednesday 4th March , Congress Theatre Eastbourne, The Russian Ice Stars perform Cirque De Glace

Wednesday 4th March 2009
The above trailer of this production is already enough to convince most people that this is an impressive action packed show.

However, whilst the Russian Ice Stars normally eventually release their shows on DVD this is one show that needs to be appreciated live at least once.

As far as ice skating goes this cast's performance honestly makes Torvill and Dean look utterly boring in comparison (even in their heyday).

The speed these performers are able to achieve on such a small stage (in comparison to an ice skating ring) is unbelievable. But speed alone is not enough. To have that speed and perform the most complicated lifts, jumps, tricks and to do them all flawlessly is another matter.

Yes I can honestly say there was not a single missed landing from any jump or trick. It wasn't our first experience of these talented artists having previously seen Snow White - but whilst beautiful that was a much slower paced show - and there were several fluffed landings.

The action is non stop and the first half of the show has the bonus of multiple pyrotechnic displays in addition to effective strobe and other lighting effects.

The pyrotechinics I have to say are outstanding. Never have I seen so much fire on one stage whilst that same stage is still occupied by so many performers. All I can say is there must be some effective flame retardent material in use! I'd also almost put money on somebody being just off stage fire extinguisher in hand.

We were at the front and the heat from the flames was amazing - the warmest I have ever known the Congress Theatre!

But the Russian Ice Stars are not just about skating they also have amongst them incredible gymnasts and talented contortionists performing feats that make your jaw drop with not a safety net in sight!

The second half of the show is a less pyrotechnic and special effect laden affair but is no less entertaining.

The reason for this is that Cirque De Glace has been so cleverly put together. It isn't just a thrown together sequence of acts but a portrayal of Man's effect on Earth from the dawn of time itself.

Hence the first half pyrotechical bias. The formation of the planet, erupting volcanoes, lava flows, early man, the Druids - all events to which fire has a big relevance.

The second half is more about what man has done to ruin the planet. Tree felling, heavy industry, commercialization being just a few examples.

Cirque de Glace is more than an ice show. It is a show with a message that just make you think as well as being entertained.

If I had enough money I would gladly have gone to see this show every night of it's Eastbourne run. With so many talented performers on stage there is always so much to look at that you always miss something.

It was also encouraging to see Cirque De Glace had drawn in such a large audience but there was something strangely missing from that audience - children. We found this incredibly odd. If there was ever an ice show that would get kids thinking about taking up the sport this is it - yet there were no children and just a few people under 40. I can't see that one child would have gone home from this show without enjoying it.

I hope a few people get to read this before the end of Cirque De Glace's tour and opt to take their children along. They will love it!

The only thing I wonder about this show is how the heck the Russian Ice Stars will ever top this with their next production? Snow White, Peter Pan and Barnum are a few previous productions but as far as impressive constant entertainment, special effects, action and talent goes this show will take some beating!

But when they do that next production we won't hesitate to see it.

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