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The Barron Knights and The Tremeloes Congress Theatre Eastbourne Review

The Barron Knights &
The Tremeloes

16 September 2009
Congress Theatre Eastbourne

The Barron Knights
Peter Langford of The Barron Knights
I have to be honest and confess that we had a few doubts about whether we would enjoy The Barron Knights part of the show.
Not that we haven't seen this light hearted comedy rock/pop band before, we have, many times - and always thoroughly enjoyed their unique style of entertainment.
It's just that the Barron Knights, an act that has now been around an incredible 50 years, has had to endure some major band member changes in the last couple of years.
Each member of the band always had their own unique role within the group. That role may be primarily singing, comedy or a combination of both.
The only original member still in The Barron Knights is Peter Langford (pictured).
Butch Baker who without a shadow of a doubt will always be remembered as the leading funny man retired in 2007.
Duke D'Mond was the Barron Knights lead singer and 'front man'. Duke was forced to leave the group due to ill health in 2005 and sadly in April this year (2009) he passed away at the age of 66. The Barron Knights have a huge fan base around the world - especially down under - he will be fondly remembered.
So with Langford being the only original BK left can he and the other members of the group continue the success they have achieved in the past around the world?
Well the 'new' members are Len Crawley, Lloyd Courtney and Micky Groom. But the sensible thing here is that the Barron Knights have not attempted to replace members on a like-for-like basis.
Crawley, Courtney and Groom are primarily musicians and singers and they have been left to do what they do best.
Pete Langford takes on the role of front man, lead singer and comedian all in one.
The Barron Knights have just toured Australia (yet again) where they were as popular as they have always been with their mix of hilarious parodies of famous hits, comedy and rock.
The Barron Knights may be a little barren of original Knights but they demonstrated to an appreciative Eastbourne audience that they can continue to thoroughly entertain and amuse all those who go to see them.

4 out of 5 for The Barron Knights

The Tremeloes
The Tremeloes on tour 2009
It' s many years since we last saw The Tremeloes at Vauxhall Holiday Park in Great Yarmouth.
They were great then but in a bigger and better venue with more time to perform they are 100 times better.
The Tremeloes haven't had an easy time over the years with numerous band member changes and a rather dodgy period during the 1970's when they experimented with changing their sound and style. It didn't work.
Fortunately though they not only survived those obstacles but have gone on to become what is now one of the longest performing acts of all time, having been founded in 1958.
The Tremeloes 2009 Dave Munden and Joe Gillingham
The current line up is an impressive one, Dave Munden, Rick Westwood and Joe Gillingham are now all very long standing members of the group. Jeff Brown may be the relative newcomer to The Tremeloes but with a vocal performance as impressive as his you'd think he had been in the group forever (although a slight lack of wrinkles may still give the truth away).
Along with many others the hits Angel Of The Morning ,Candy Man and of cource Silence is Golden are performed as part of the show. Vocally it was terrific, the sound system was great and it was a performance that got a superb reaction from an appreciative Eastbourne crowd.
The Tremeloes meeting fans in Eastbourne 2009The only disappointment was when the show ended. As this was a show shared with the Barron Knights this was in fact only about a 1 hour performance and it seemed to fly by. But what a thoroughly enjoyable hour that was!
The Tremeloes still look as though they've got many years left in them yet. Hopefully they may consider touring on their own in the future. I am sure they would have a good following.
5 out of 5 for The Tremeloes Print This Entry

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