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Colin Baker and Louise Jameson Friends Of The Devonshire Park Theatre

Colin Baker the sixth Doctor Who and 'Leela' Louise Jameson

"Together Again"
Louise Jameson and Colin Baker
Friends Of The Devonshire Park Theatre
Member Event
Winter Garden Theatre, Eastbourne
11 April 2010

To join the Friends Of The Devonshire Park Theatre currently costs £15 for a couple (at the same address). This celebrity talk, which took place in the Winter Garden Theatre, was worth that membership fee on it's own.

This was like a mini Doctor Who cast reunion with the sixth Doctor (1984-1986) chatting to Leela the assistant to the fourth Doctor (Tom Baker - note no relation to Colin).

It was a talk which was not only interesting but very frank, open and honest. These interviews are often better than TV interviews because, with no recording taking place, the artists tend to be more revealing about the not-so-nice people they have worked with and the jobs they wish they hadn't done.

The thousands upon thousands of Doctor Who fans need not fear though. Their roles in the iconic science fiction TV series are at the top of their favourite career highlights for both Colin and Louise. For the Doctor Who fans who attend conventions etc. you are held in very high esteem by both artists.

That is the only content from the interview I will be mentioning though otherwise it not only spoils future talks these actors will do but also makes future speakers less likely to give such honest accounts from their careers.

Baker and Jameson have been friends for many, many years. It is a friendship that made this talk all the more engrossing and friendly.

For the first 30 minutes or so Colin interviewed Louise. Without a single hand written note to refer to this was a 100% off-the-cuff professional interview as he grilled Louise about her childhood, education and acting career. The good times, the bad times, the nice people and the complete bastar nasties!

The tables were then turned for the next half an hour as Louise prised the gossip out of Colin. She claimed not to be as professional as Colin as she had made a couple of notes beforehand. I think she was being a bit harsh on herself here though as she glanced at the sheet of paper at first but then, as the conversation flowed, I don't think it got a second look!

The last few minutes was given to questions from the audience.

Colin Baker and Louise Jameson 11 April 2010

The guest speakers and the Friends of The Devonshire Park Theatre then had tea.

I do have to add praise to Colin and Louise as they stayed behind to say hello to every "Friend" who wanted to meet them and get an autograph or picture. This sort of informality does go down very well and makes the event more rewarding.

I cannot see that a single attendee could find reason not to have enjoyed this fascinating talk between two very friendly, down to earth, yet incredibly well known, professional actors.

Peter Egan and Simon ShepherdIt is the incredible unique events like this and the "First Night" meet-the-cast opportunities which should make being a member of The Friends more appealing to those under 50. I am not, in any way, knocking the garden parties and annual dinner dance events etc. but those events  do appeal more to an older generation.

With the aim of theatre being to reach out and appeal to people of all ages I would like to see more under 50's joining us in The Friends.

The Friends committee arrange some very good speakers at this venue. The previous talk was with actors Peter Egan and Simon Shepherd. As with Colin Baker and Louise Jameson where else could you get to see such a unique event and interview for so little money?

If you wish to join The Friends please see the link on the right. If you wish to know more about Eastbourne's Theatres, including the Devonshire Park, see my main site at

As this is a member event I will not be giving it a show rating.
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