Sunday, 8 August 2010

Friends Of The Devonshire Park Theatre Summer Garden Party 2010

Actress and supporter of the Devonshire Park Theatre, Louise Jameson
I am delighted to present here many highlights of The Friends Summer Garden party held at Charleston Manor just outside Eastbourne on 7th August 2010.

On the left is actress Louise Jameson who has not only appeared at the Devonshire Park Theatre many times but is also keen to support the theatre.

She made a surprise appearance at this event to give her support.

I am kicking off the rest of the media with my pics of the wonderful Sea Gypsies, Eastbourne's popular belly dancers.

Next I move on to Richard Curtis and his wonderful K9 Freestyle dancing dogs display. Here is a slideshow of the stills I took on the day.

Part 3 arrives in the shape of the worlds finest ventriloquist (in my view anyway) Steve Hewlett and his wonderful Friends. Hope you enjoy these stills.

OK we move on.... general stills now from the event at beautiful Charleston Manor, Litlington, Eastbourne includes more of Louise Jameson's guest appearance.

OK We move on to video highlights. Here is my offering on the Sea Gypsies. It's a mix of HD and standard definition footage. I made a clips production rather than posting any full track/dance sequence as I think the full performance is best appreciated live and doing this way it is more of a promotional video yet still entertaining.

More video with Richard Curtis and his K9 Freestyle Dancing Dogs. I thought I would be doing just one video. However Richard's presentation is educational for dog owners as well as entertaining. Taking this into account and with the amount of footage we shot I decided to produce individual videos of each dog.

I should point out that on YouTube many videos of Richard have ended up completely silent because users have uploaded video with Richards background music playing. The copyright owners have objected and YouTube have censored accordingly. This has effectively ruined all such videos as dialogue is cut also.

Where the dogs dance to a background track I have substituted the original music with a fully licenced Smartsound track. I have tried to use music of a similar genre and tempo and although I had doubts as to whether this would work I am actually pleased with the end result.

So here is the first video. Please welcome Richard Curtis and Whizzy....

Next up was cute and tiny Betty

Not finished yet..... here's Pogo

Finally from Richard Curtis we had a bit of a Disco

Last but not least I leave you with the amazingly talented Steve Hewlett.

Steve's had a busy year in 2010. Whilst still undertaking performances around the country he has been starring in the long season variety show Hooked On Laughter at the Royal Hippodrome Theatre in Eastbourne. At the time of writing this he's still there until early November so don't miss it.

Steve has also been busy supporting the friends of the Devonshire Park Theatre. From my other videos you will know Steve entertained at their Spring Fair and here he is at the Summer Garden Party held at Charleston Manor Litlington, Eastbourne.

We had the whole routine on video but I don't think it benefits the artist duplicating the whole act, especially if you are going to see him live.

So, instead, I've produced a 10 minute highlights video. It's ended up being a nice little Steve Hewlett promo video.

In his routines Steve is always very complimentary about other well known ventriloquists. However I truly believe this guy beats them all hands down both by way of skill and personality.

It's not just the ventriloquism but the spontaneity of his act that makes him stand out. Many artists abide by a script no matter what. Not Mr Hewlett he seems to be able to use things going on around him to benefit the act.

His 'voice throwing' skills are amazing and his variety of 'friends' all makes for an act that always leaves you smiling.

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