Wednesday, 22 September 2010

The Rattonians present Hairspray 25-30 October 2010

For those of you who, like us, love the Rattonians shows this years offering will be the West End 'big hair' hit Hairspray.

But they are not in any of Eastbourne theatres this year, instead it's being staged at Eastbourne College.

For more details and to book just head over to The Rattonians official Web Site at
you will find details of how to book tickets in the left hand column.

Sadly, due to prior commitments, we can't make this show and therefore I won't be able to review it.

However if anybody is going who is absolutely (please be honest here!)  in no way connected to the Rattonians who would like to submit an honest guest review, with a rating out of 5, following the show I will gladly post it.

Any review posted here instantly heads to the top of Google so it would be a shame to miss a review of this show.

Any volunteers? There's a form on the right to drop me a line Print This Entry

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