Wednesday, 13 October 2010

1916 The Musical Preview and Information

1916 The Musical is currently in production.

This entry will be updated in the next couple of weeks with further information on what should be a fantastic new musical to hit Broadway, The West End and Ireland (hopefully then going on to be a smash hit elsewhere).

I have a lot of information to digest on this before updating further but I wanted to give this very exciting new production some publicity at the earliest opportunity.

A lot of people are currently working very hard, with no pay whilst holding down second jobs at the same time, with the aim of producing one of the most spectacular new musicals of modern times.

I am sure that many theatre lovers, like me, will be looking forward to the musical's premiere. In the meantime I have posted the official You Tube trailer and documentary above and there are also a couple of You Tube user created videos.

If and when futher videos are released I'll update the playlist.

You may also be interested in looking at the official website Print This Entry

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