Wednesday, 6 October 2010

The White Rock Theatre Hastings has a sad new view

White Rock Theatre day after pier fire
Here is the White Rock Theatre just 36 hours after the arson attack which destroyed 95% of , the already derelict and closed, Hastings pier directly opposite.

Emergency vehicles were still in attendance as flames could still be seen in the front most buildings on the pier even after so many hours.

What a sad view is now to be had from the White Rock Theatre and its bar area.

The new sad view from the White Rock Theatre of Hastings pierBecause of the disaster the theatre closed early at 4pm on 6th Oct. It would probably have benefited by staying open as many, like me, just had to see this utter devastation which is really hard to take in.

Whilst photographing the pier people were looking at the theatre's posters and saying "Oh look that's on.... lets book it!" only to find it closed. A few missed booking opportunities there as I haven't seen the seafront so busy in years.

It was reported on the news that some people had been in tears at the loss of the pier. Whilst it is very sad indeed it was the sight of thousands of now homeless starlings which brought the lump to my throat. Time after time they would swoop down to their nesting sites at the end of the pier only to come straight out again the other side. What on earth did they do to deserve that?

Will the pier have a future? It would be nice to think so. But wouldn't it be great if this ever happened that Hastings could have something different from the pier norms of kiddies rides, amusement arcades and bingo. Something that will put Hastings on the map for the right reasons rather than for reasons of crime like this.

Entertainment could be a part of that development. Yes the White Rock is opposite but as Eastbourne has proved there is a diverse range of entertainment out there.

I have posted a few pictures on here but if you click on any picture to my Flickr Page you will find many more sad tragic pictures of the arson aftermath.
Hastings pier the arson aftermath 36 hours on still smouldering
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