Tuesday, 16 November 2010

I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue Assembly Hall Theatre Tunbridge Wells

Assembly Hall Theatre,
Tunbridge Wells
16th November 2010

Host: Jack Dee

Contestants Barry Cryer & Graeme Garden
Tim Brooke-Taylor & Jeremy Hardy

Pianist : Colin Sell
Producer: Jon Naismith

Having already reviewed this brilliant show when it was in Eastbourne I don't anticipate writing reams on this Royal Tunbridge Wells production. Readers may therefore also wish to refer back to my previous review.

The show was, as usual, a sell-out and it was refreshing seeing every seat in the Assembly Hall occupied.

Jack Dee supporting Great Ormond Street HospitalMany script changes have taken place since we last saw ISIHAC and Jack's comedy routines at the beginning of each half of the show are brilliantly scripted. For anybody who isn't familiar with this part of the show it is where Jack's jokes relate to the local demographic area and it's history.

To produce such routines for each venue must take a considerable amount of time and research.

The improvisation rounds are as hilarious as ever and the audience participation on the kazoos was particularly impressive.

It's always good to go out and have a laugh and as so many have discovered this is one of the best shows for doing just that. 2 hours of improvised hilarity from 5 of the country's most respected entertainers with Colin Sell on the piano and long-term producer Jon Naismith getting a constant ribbing about the fact he was apparently wearing a 'blouse'.

Would you like to own a piece of unique memorabilia and support a worthy charitable cause? Well the ISIHAC team kindly supported Great Ormond Street Hospital by signing special celebrity charity playing cards.

Please keep an eye on www.starcards.org/ and www.flickr.com/photos/starcards/ to see the mounted end products which will be auctioned on eBay for the famous childrens' hospital. Note it may be a while before they are professionally prepared so keep these pages bookmarked.

Left to right Tim Brooke-Taylor, Jack Dee (host), Graeme Garden, Jeremy Hardy, Barry Cryer

I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue supporting Great Ormond Street Hospital
As you can see Jack has signed a Jack D(iamonds) on his own and there is a team collection too with Jack signing the Joker this time.

Thank you so much to Jon Naismith and all the ISIHAC team for their time and generosity and to the Assembly Hall staff for allowing me not to freeze at the stage door.

That reminds me there were 3 men looking for autographs at the stage door, none of whom were seeing the show.

As I waited to be let in Barry Cryer came out for a cigarette, he had a bit of a laugh with us and went back in.

One of the men pointed out that Barry had dropped his cigarette butt on the ground.

Joking, I said "Perhaps you should try putting it on eBay?"

My jaw must have dropped as he said "I hadn't thought of that. Do you think it will sell?", as he promptly picked the dog-end up and put it in his bag. "I'll give it a go he said."

Almost as funny as the show itself. Anybody seen Barry Cryer's Butt on eBay?

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