Friday, 18 March 2011

The sad death of former Shadows member Jet Harris

The late Jet Harris formerly of The Shadows in Tunbridge Wells

It was only 5 months ago we saw the very entertaining Jet Harris when he was part of Marty Wilde's touring show. The picture above was taken at that event (by my wife) at the Assembly Hall Theatre in Royal Tunbridge Wells.

When she asked the man who said "I never smile" if he would smile for a picture he replied "only if you give me a kiss". A master of bribery he got his wish.

We will always remember that he was the only artist that was missing from a tour poster which we had got autographed that evening. Then by sheer fluke as we got into our car he prepared to get into the car parked in front. So there we were late at night with Jet Harris signing a poster spread over the bonnet of our car!

A fond memory of the former Shadow indeed and we extend our sympathy to the friends and family of a very talented and friendly man.

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  1. What a great story, it was the last time I saw jet on that Tour. A lovely Man, saddly missed


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