Thursday, 7 July 2011

My Dog's Got No Nose, Devonshire Park Theatre, Eastbourne

My Dog's Got No Nose
Devonshire Park Theatre

7-9 July 2011
performance seen 7th July

Damian Williams

I'm glad I didn't read any of the reviews on this before seeing it as I think any form of write-up covering the story could have detracted from the enjoyment of this comedy/drama. Perhaps this is one of those occasions when just glancing at a rating alone is of some benefit?

Seeing the words "Damian Williams" and "comedy" on the advertising literature I had just assumed this was just that - a comedy.

Having seen Damian numerous times now , a guy who never fails to make you laugh, I think I just associated him with humour alone.

It was a surprise then that this 'Comedy' by Ron Aldridge and staged by Bruce James production turned out to be very different than expected.

It's the tale of a former furniture salesman who's aim has always been to be a successful stand up comedian. He now has his debut looming and we hear all the trials and tribulations, the highlights and lowlights of how he got to this stage. Our potential new comedy star also tells us how his wife Judy, her sister Sarah and his brother-in-law Roger all come into the equation in affecting his career.

To say any more would simply ruin the experience for those who will see this tale played out on stage in the future. It is a very clever piece of writing by Aldridge. Yes the great comedy is there and there are plenty of ad-libbing opportunities with audience interraction, something which Williams has always been a complete master of. But in equal measure to the comedy there is serious drama. It's much more of a 'Comedy with substance' than a comedy alone.

It's a really good play actually. A much lighter first half compared to the more serious, darker, second half. A play which pleasingly let's us see Damian, who to me is a brilliant comedy actor, be seen acting in a far more serious role and doing a mighty fine job of it too.

There's even some murder mystery type twists and turns thrown in. Just when you think the story is over there's another chapter to be told.

A thoroughly enjoyable play with Damian Williams once again delivering a wonderful performance.

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