Sunday, 7 August 2011

Ken Dodd, Congress Theatre, Eastbourne

Ken Dodd,
Congress Theatre,

7th August 2011

Having reviewed the fabulous Ken Dodd not so long ago click here at Tunbridge Wells I won't repeat myself as the show was just as great as it was then. In true Ken Dodd style just as long too at 5 hours, including the interval.

Illusionists Amethyst and excellent lady trumpeter, Joan Hind,  made for much betters support acts though.

The main surprise for me was that I half expected Doddy to repeat the same jokes I had heard a year ago. Yet barely a pun was repeated.

Ken's 83 years of age now and to perform such incredibly long shows and to keep them fresh with new material is just outstanding.

There are many much younger artists who would never cope with the constant touring or the long hours he performs for each and every time. As variety shows go he must surely represent the best value for money in theatrical productions?

A packed Congress theatre thoroughly enjoyed this and the standing ovation was just a formality.

A truly amazing veteran entertainer.

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