Saturday, 17 August 2013

Meat Loaf last ever UK concert at Newbury Racecourse review

Well many artists international artists may have picked  London, Manchester or Birmingham for reportedly their last ever UK concert after 35 years of touring.

Meat Loaf, however, had something different in mind bestowing the last UK venue award to Newbury Racecourse !!

Not that more than 17,000 ticket holders were complaining.... the atmosphere was electric!

The gig on Saturday 17th August came at the end of a days racing at the course on "Ladies Day".

Meat Loaf Newbury Racecourse 2013
So, what was the weather like for Meat's last memories of the UK? Well typically British is the fair answer to that. Summer it may have been but the wind and the rain chose their moments carefully choosing show time to make their presence really felt.

But I don't think anybody really cared. Apart from maybe those ladies who had really made a fashion statement for "ladies day" with summer dresses and posh hats looking somewhat out of place in the deluge.

For 65 years of age I didn't see anybody disappointed in Meatloaf's performance. No he can't belt across the stage as he used to  and perhaps the vocals aren't quite what they used to be but he is still a thoroughly entertaining performer. Helping over seventeen thousand people forget the vile weather was no mean feat for a guy who has had a few medical problems in recent years.

Amidst rumours she had been sacked, long time duet partner Patti Russo may not have been there but the two female singers backing Meat did a brilliant job as you will be able to see from the video above.

Bat Out Of Hell, I'd do anything for love (but I won't do that) and You took the words right out of my mouth were amongst the greatest Meat Loaf hits on the playlist. There were a few mutters of disappointment that Two out of three ain't bad wasn't amongst them but you can't please everybody.

Was this swan song in Newbury really Meat's final UK gig? Well right now he is returning to The States for an indefinite period performing in Las Vegas.

Meat Loaf Newbury Racecourse 2013
With some artists the temptation to perform abroad again has become too great and after a few years there's been yet another "comeback" or indeed another "farewell" tour.

But something along these lines feels a little less likely here and Meat's health is probably the key. Having passed out on stage twice in recent years and having had treatment for a cyst on the vocal cords one must wonder if a "live where you work" stint in Vegas is far more sensible? Perhaps he has decided "Heaven can wait" a while longer and to ease his foot off the gas pedal a little from now on?

Only time will tell but it really does look like Newbury, Berkshire might just go down in the history books as the town which hosted Meat Loaf's last ever UK concert and a rocking good one at that!

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